Friday, February 22, 2008


Brenden plays Volleyball every Friday night. About 6 weeks ago he came down on his ankle wrong and sprained his ankle very bad. Being the great wife I am, I never took my cell phone of silence mode from work, so I never heard his many calls to me. Around 9:30 he came home hopping on one foot into the living room. I looked up and said, "Man, what did you do?". He replied by saying, "Do you know how to answer your phone?". I dont remember what I said, I am sure it was something like "Oops...sorry, what happended?". Well then he proceeded to tell me what happened. Being the man he is, stubborn as ever, refused to go have it looked at. It was VERY swollen and already starting to turn black and blue. So, he hopped around on it for 1 week. The following Friday I came home from work and he said he was ready to go have it looked at. It was still extremely swollen and very bruised! We made a trip to the ER. The Doctor examined it, and said he was almost certain it was broken. After the x-rays were looked at, there was nothing broken. It was just extremely strained. He was given crutches and told to keep it elevated. He finally stopped using his crutches a week ago and was able to put a shoe on his foot. It still hurts for him to walk on it, but at least he can walk on it now! Enjoy the pictures!

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