Saturday, February 16, 2008

Winter in Salina!

This is the first winter since I was little that I remember having this much snow. Since the ice storm in Salina that happened a couple of months ago, we have had over 35 inches of snow!!!! I know some of you are thinking, "big deal, 35 inches of snow"; BUT for Kansas that is alot of snow! The ice storm that happened a few months ago took power from almost everyone in Salina and the surrounding communities. Brenden and I were lucky enough to have power through the whole ordeal. The morning after the ice hit all schools and most businesses were closed. Since I work at an insurance company, we were definitly working! Driving to work that morning reminded me of what an area would look like after a war went through, it was almost kind of spooky out. I have posted pictures for all of you to enjoy. They are over several days after the ice storm hit. We also got lots of snow after the ice storm, which made cleaning up nearly impossible.

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