Thursday, June 05, 2008

Family Fun at the Merrigans

Recently Brenden and I bought a Wii It was mainly my idea to get one. Brenden already has an Xbox, but I dont really like playing any of the games for it. Brenden's newest game he got for Xbox is Guitar Hero, which is totally stomps me out! I always get "boo-ed" off the stage! So, I just try to stick to playing the Wii. I have downloaded some of the original Mario games, which has been a blast to play again! My newest edition to my Wii game collection is the Wii Fit. If any of you have a Wii, you have to get Wii Fit! We plan to have a Wii party soon, so if you live in the area look for your invitation!

Playing Guitar Hero

Playing Wii Fit

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  1. u have a wii now?? totally jealous! i'm addicted to playing my friends and trying to talk my parents into getting one! we must get together and play!:)


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