Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Girl Time

A few weeks ago I had a great weekend in Kansas City with a great grounp of friends from highschool. One of them recently got married so we spent the weekend spoiling her before the big day. The day began with a lovely drive with my sister in law Mindy, we had a great time talking and laughing. Once we arrived in Kansas City we all enjoyed the afternoon getting pedicures/manicures and shopping. We had a wonderful dinner at Yia Yia's which included traveling down memory lane, laughing till tears were rolling down my cheeks at the good ol' days of highschool. It was wonderful to be back together with great friends. Girls, I love you all!

Mindy's Feet--Andrea's Feet after our pedi's

Andrea and Hil

Andrea, Megan, Megan Lynn


  1. Great pictures from you weekend in KC. I really like the music you've added to your blog. Way to go!

  2. Sweet post, Andrea. I love the shirt you wore--I had a BLAST with you that weekend!


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