Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sunday finds...a few days late!

I went out of town last Wednesday and did not return until Sunday evening, so I didnt get my Sunday Finds posted! I was out of town helping a friend decorate and finish last minute details for her wedding on Saturday(more on that in another post).

As I was driving to Chanute (where the wedding was) you pass a wind farm situated off the highway. It is an amazing thing to look at, very fascinating! So, for those that have not experienced seeing a wind farm or for those that would like more information check out this site

If anyone knows me very well they know that I tend to be a VERY organized person (sometimes for the good, sometimes not so much!). I love to make lists and check things off when complete. Anyway, Mindy shared with me a great website that helps people stay organized in an electronic way(instead of a pen and paper). I plan to try this method, we will see if I like it enough to replace my paper! Check out the site here Let me know if it helps you to become more organized!


Did you enjoy the commercial?

For my last find for the week. Drum roll please......ok, ok...ENOUGH with the drums!
For those that don't know me, I LOVE to bake and cook. For some fun baking tips check out this link. If you notice it is from Oprah's website...which is definitly a show I would tune into if 1) We had cable and 2)If I didn't have to work!

Has anyone found any fun sites this week on the world wide web!

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