Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Discoveries

Thanks to a great friend, Sarah, who gave me this link to include in one of my "Sunday Discoveries" blog. Jessica Seinfeld was recently on an episode of Oprah She was on with Dr. Oz (who also has some great books) sharing about her new book Deceptively Delicious which has recipes to hide veggies and fruits in food. I am seriously thinking of getting this book. No, I dont have kids...exept for my husband who hates veggies! (Shhhh....dont tell him about this, I might be able to trick him). Does anyone have this book yet. If so, what is your opinion on it??? Are the recipes good???

In an effort to become a little healthier, I have purchased a box of Tazo Green Tea. I am brewing a cup right now, so be right back! Ok, I am back. I just has my first sip, it is really good. Definitely not an equal replacement a fizzy delicious Pepsi, but it is much healthier and will be wonderful when I am tired of sipping on water at work! That's right folks, I am attempting to give up Pepsi for about the 100th time in my life. Hopefully this time it will stick! I am going to allow myself 1 Pepsi a week (when we go out to eat) or anytime I have pizza (you cant have anything else with Pizza...unless you are my college roommate Diana, she would need a big glass a milk. I encourage you all to run out and buy a box of Tazo Tea and try a cup for yourself!

Finally, Brenden recently showed me this video of a kid and yoga exercise ball. Enjoy!

Kids these days!


  1. i'm so glad u posted this!:) and i'm actually thinking about getting as well because i'm terrible about eating veggies and fruits, so i'm thinking about trying it!

    also, i'm glad you're trying to give up pepsi! when i gave up dr.pepper and pop in general the hardest thing for me was the 1st month, but after i made it through, i no longer had cravings and it didnt even appeal to me! so i hope it works the same! it also helped me lose weight a lot faster! thats always a plus:)

    good luck with it all!!

  2. I saw that Oprah episode (it's on at 9pm) and the cookbook looks like a worthy investment..

  3. Sarah, if you get the book let me know what you think! So far this week has not gone good on letting go of Pepsi. I have worked long hours at work, so that never helps because I tend to eat out when that happens!

    Mindy, watching Oprah is one thing I look forward to when I get to stay home with kids! If I could only tivo Oprah, but I guess you need cable before that is even an option!


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