Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Is it really October? Life has been busy since my last post, so this will be catch up!

Brenden's Birthday was the end of August. We didn't do much for his birthday, as he doesn't like to go all out and celebrate for his birthday. My mom and I decided to have a garage sale so we spent the weekend at my parents house. It was a fun weekend that was full of laughter and relaxation! During the weekend we had visitors here and there which ended up being the whole family by the end of the weekend! We were even blessed to have our cousin Drew there to join in on the fun. Wilder, our newest nephew, was the center of attention for most of the weekend.

Mom and Me killing time at the garage sale.

Mom and Dad at the garage sale.

In other news, Brenden has started his senior year. We are excited and anxious all at the same time! Brenden has many decisions ahead in the next year or so which has led to many discussions of what our future holds. There are several career options he is looking at and we are excited to see where the road takes us!

This month is my 1 year anniversary at Sunflower Insurance, which is unbelievable. This last year went WAY to FAST!

I have enjoyed getting to know my newest nephew Wilder. The last two Saturdays I have been in Wichita so I was able to watch Wilder for a few hours to give mom & dad a break! He is a wonderful baby with a wonderful spirit and personality.


  1. Neat post! We're so glad you've come to Wichita the past 2 weekends; what a treat and I'm sure I talked your head off too much!

  2. You could never talk my head off. It was great to see you both weekends!


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