Saturday, November 22, 2008

Small Town Livin'

Friday night I was out running errands to avoid doing them on Saturday with all the crowds which include many undisciplined noisy kids! Yeah, I know I lead a very exciting life! On the way home from these errands (which included Target which I do not classify as an errand, no matter what I am getting!) I got a craving for a latte. I really wanted a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, but Salina has chased Starbucks Corporate offers away so many times they wont even offer again! So, when I have a big craving for a Latte I settle for going to the local coffee shop here in town. Now sometimes my drinks are good and sometimes it is two of the most burnt shots of espresso which makes every drink miserable! (Brenden and I have a great story from our first visit to this coffee shop and the burnt shots-I will have to share that in a later post!) I do call myself a "coffee snob", so I have high standards! I have nothing against small town coffee shops, in fact it is my dream to one day open my own.

I was brave and thought I would swing by the coffee shop and pick up a vanilla latte. Much to my disliking they were already closed for the evening. You might be thinking, well it was probably late after your errands were complete. No, it wasn't 10 pm, it wasn't even 9 pm. It was 8:30 on a Friday night! I was so irritated. It got me thinking about life in a small town. Many people from Salina would argue that this is not a small town and its the greatest thing since sliced bread. But I disagree! It may not be a small town, but it is when you are talking about someone who spent most of her life in Wichita and Manhattan! Salina is a very un-progressive town(is that a word??). Many restaurant chains, stores, etc. have presented themselves to Salina as a place they would like to have a new location. Salina for some reason rejects a lot of these offers. I always wonder why a town at the intersection of two major US interstates is so slow at these things!

Ok, I have stepped down from my soap box. I did not get my coffee last night. So this morning I took our recycling down to the center and stopped by to get me a vanilla Latte. It is a pretty good one, they get an A today!

Do any of you have any small town stories?? Likes or dislikes???

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