Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weekend with Family

Brenden and I were honored to have Shawn, Mindy, & Wilder at our house a few weekends ago. It was a fun weekend, although we all wished Brenden didn't have to work and miss out on all the fun. Shawn enjoyed a weekend full of X-box while Mindy stamped beautiful cards and I worked on a few scrapbook pages. My parents stopped by on Saturday to visit. While they were here we pulled out the Wii Fit for some exercise fun. It was fun till my dad heard we had Wii bowling. The exercising quickly stopped for a Wii Bowling Tournament. It was a good thing Brenden was not around for it, as the remotes were swinging very close to his flat screen t.v.!!! (shhhh...dont tell him!)

Here are some pictures from the weekend...enjoy!
Wilder having a bath in my kitchen sink! He loves bath time.

Wilder during play time!

Dad enjoying the Wii Fit

Mom playing Wii Bowling


  1. Fun pics of Wild! He looks like he's "raising the roof" in one of them...hehe


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