Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Fear Became A Reality!

If you have a weak stomach you may not want to read this right now. I have always had this fear that when I walk under things (trees, buildings, awnings, etc.) a bird perched on one of these things may poop on me. I do not know where this fear began or started (I dont ever recall being pooped on), but I know birds sitting on things singing songs and discussing things with other birds enjoy pooping on people who walk under them!

Today this fear became reality! While I was walking through the parking lot after lunch to go back to work I felt this big wet thing land on my head. Now imagine my parking lot----lots of cars, lots of concrete, NO TREES! My first thought was wow a big juicy bug just nosed dived into my head and died! After my blond moment I realized some crazy bird flying through the sky hit the bulls eye (my head). Luckily one of my wonderful co-workers was walking up to me just as it happened. I stopped and asked if there was bird poop on my head. She looks and says "stop don't move, you do have bird poop on your head!" She had a napkin with her (I guess it was meant to be, or maybe just because she is a mom?) so she was kind enough to get it out of my hair for me. I insisted she not show me the bird poop she removed, she responded "You probably wouldn't want to see it anyway".

So, who can top this story today! Have any of you had a dramatic bird poop incident?


  1. Great story...sorry your fear came true! Remember in high school when Megan (not me) got bird poop in her eye...that was pretty nasty too!

  2. Maybe your fear of being bird pooped on comes from the many times I've told the story about bird poop when I was a little girl. I was probably eight years old or so and the neighborhood kids always got together in Reins backyard and played baseball. On this particular day someone popped a fly way up in the sky. I had my glove on and I watched it soar up into the air and start down. I was concentrating on catching it so of course I had my mouth open. All of a sudden I felt that same big wet plop that you experienced....however - the target hit was my mouth!! I knew immediately what had happened and I clamped my lips shut but didn't really close my jaws. I remember screaming through clinched lips, trying not to move my mouth at all, and running down the alley to my house where I hoped someone would rescue me. It was nasty, nasty - I won't describe the taste here!! Why I didn't spit, I will never know, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

  3. Andrea and Kathy you have me rolling!


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