Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Where is your favorite place in Kansas?

Brenden and I have not been on a vacation since the summer of 2005 when we went to Washington and Georgia! Sure, we have been to some family reunions around Kansas but nothing I consider an official vacation. This summer I actually have enough vacation time to spend 2-3 days away from Salina--YAHOO! With our time being limited to 2-3 days and not wanting to spend too much money, we would like to stay in Kansas. Now I am sure some of you are thinking--"vacation in Kansas!" because I am thinking the same thing. But, I am sure there are some really fun locations in Kansas that I have yet to explore in my 30 years of being stuck in the Midwest! In order to find a location such as this I need the help of the few of you that still read my blog, if there are any of you left??

Anyone out there????.....
Hello? Well I hope someone is! Ok, I got distracted!

So please share with me your ideas on some fun places to stay and explore in Kansas! And the person with the best place or idea will win a prize!


  1. Being from Texas, the greatest state on planet earth, I have always been of the mindset that you can have the perfect vacation in your own state.... sorry you don't live in Texas!

    I would say find some bed and breakfast places that look neat....or head to Manhattan, spend some time at the Lake, eating in old favorite places, etc.

  2. Hndrea--I still read your blog! Yay!

    Lawrence & Manhattan are always fun for shopping and local dining.

    Ks City-a no-fail with the Plaza!

    Might I also recommend Eureka Springs, AK? Also has cool food/shopping/naturey stuff.

    I have a Kansas Guidebook for Explorers book that you can look @ this weekend, if that will help.

    I hope I win the prize!

  3. I think the abbreviation for Arkansas is AR, not AK. Sorry. I was thinking Arizona had AR, but I think it uses AZ.
    My geography was never good!

  4. In all seriousness, if you just want to get away and relax and not spend much money, you should head out to western ks! Sharon springs has a really nice bed and breakfast (very affordable) and one of those days if you'd like you could drive out to sharon springs for the day and do some shopping, hiking, site seeing, etc... You could enjoy home town restaurant, cheap place to golf, take a walk out in the country, enjoy some peace and quiet, etc... I could seriously hook you up with what you need! :)

    Hit me up with an email or phone call if you have questions!

    Good luck deciding!

  5. I agree with Mindy's ideas! I would also add staying in the St. George Hotel in Weston, MO.



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