Sunday, March 21, 2010

I earned an F

in my No Sugar Challenge!  Due to stress at work, it was very tough to say NO to sugar this month.  I am starting again in hopes of doing a better job in the next 30 days.  How did everyone else do with trying to eat less or no sugar?

I owe everyone an apology for not posting religiously like I promised for this challenge.  I have some wonderful posts started that I will finish eventually, but for now I need to take a break from blogging. I have come to realize why the majority of bloggers are "stay at home moms".  After working 9-10 hour days the past few months the last thing I have wanted to do is sit in front of my computer in the evening (since that is all I do at work).  Also, Relay for Life planning is in full swing and it definitely comes before blogging!  Not complaining, just stating how my life has been recently.

Once I get a break at work (I hope there is one coming, as I am so ready to go back to 8 hour days!) I will be back to finishing my "No Sugar" posts that I so dearly want to finish!   Til next time.....

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