Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time with Grandpa

Recently we went to visit my Grandpa. It was so nice to see him, as it had been a couple of months.  I think about him on a daily basis, especially when I see the picture I have in our kitchen of me sitting on the counter in his kitchen (I was probably 3) and him mixing something up.  I was watching him intently, it is a really cute picture!

My parents, Mindy & Shawn and kids were also there.  We enjoyed a nice lunch together, hung out on the living room with the kids, and took the kids to the park. 

Brenden and Wilder have become great buddies over the past few months since we have been so blessed to see them more!  They were enjoying cartoons together at Grandpa's

When we took the kids to the park I was privileged to be able to hold Story in the Baby Bjorn.

 Disclaimer: this is not the greatest picture of me, but it is the best I have of us.

Here are a few pictures of Grandpa enjoying time with cute!

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