Monday, March 28, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama..... what we will be saying very soon!!  B recently completed his last step in order to start flight school.  This has been a very LONG and stressful process, but he is we are almost ready to begin this new journey which will probably include more stress before we are finished!

B's final step before going to flight school was a Federal Board (in civilian terms--a very intense interview).  We made the interview an overnight trip, as it was several hours away.  Once the Board was completed and B calmed down from the intense stress of the Board we made our way back home with a few pit stops. We first stopped by Grandma Hoerner's where I worked after graduating from college.  They have the best chunky applesauce and many other wonderful food products! We then stopped for lunch at Rock A Belly & Deli in Manhattan.  I highly recommend this place if you are in the Manhattan area!  Our last stop before heading home was Radina's Coffeehouse. B and I met at Radina's while I was in college. They have the best coffee ever...and I have tried a LOT of coffee places! 

Here is my handsome and wonderful pilot after completing his board.

 disclaimer: This is a horrible picture but hotel room lighting is horrible!

We are so excited to move South and call Alabama home for a few years.  Our family and friends will be EXTREMELY missed, but it will only be a a few years!  I am very blessed to be able to continue working with Sunflower Insurance in Alabama.   I will be working from the house, so meeting people in a new area could be interesting! I know the Lord has great plans for us in the years to come, so it will be exciting to see what is in store for us!  

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