Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Meanderings 4/27

Is it really Wednesday already?  I guess I should be excited this week is going by since everyday I am closer to seeing B again, but the hours I am at work need to slow down!  I'm out all next week in our CO offices, and I'm running out of time to get ready for the trip. 

I'm having a garage sale this weekend and I have a lot of things to price, so this will be a short post this week.  For those new to my blog, I started doing Wednesday Meanderings a month or so ago as a way to share other blog posts or links that I have found worth sharing. 

Natalie @ So Sweet is doing a giveaway of her vinyl wall decals. Check out the giveaway here

Bake at 350 has a great recipe for birds nests which would have been great for Easter, but didn't get it posted last week. In my opinion I would eat this sweet treat anytime of year!

John Kralik, author of 365 Thank Yous was on NPR. The article is a great read (or just listen to it if you don't want to read it). I hate to think with all of our technology we might loose the art of handwritten notes. I have been cleaning out our things to prepare for the move and I found two shoe boxes full of cards and handwritten letters from all kinds of people in my life--old roommates, grandparents, friends, parents, Brenden during our times of separation (I will always treasure these), and old boyfriends ( I threw those away!)  I have been trying to write letters to people this year whether it is just a little hello, birthday wish, or a thank you. For example, last week our dentist fit B in for a cavity that needed filled before he left for school.  We immediately wrote a thank you note and mailed it! I always feel so happy when mailing my letters because I know I'm going to make someone smile when they get there mail (I hope!).  Do you enjoy receiving letters/cards?

Have a marvelous Wednesday!


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