Thursday, July 28, 2011


I'm going to warn you that this post is just as the title states....random!  I have several things I have wanted to write about so I'm putting them all in one post.  It also includes lots of pictures. 

One of the first things I did once we were somewhat settled in the house was purchase two tomato plants and two pepper plants. I'm not adventurous enough to have a "real" garden, so I have them in pots on our back patio. I do have plans next year to step out and do a real grown up garden...we will see if that happens!

I hope to have a big harvest from the tomato plants to can enough diced tomatoes and salsa for the winter. That might be getting my hopes up, as I have never canned tomatoes before and not sure how much the plants will produce...but a girl can dream!  Since I have never canned tomatoes, if you have any tips, suggestions, or recipes please share! 

I am having an issue with my peppers and maybe one of you smart garden people can help.  Before the peppers are even big enough to pick they are getting turning black on the bottom. Any ideas why? I read somewhere that it might be a calcium deficiency and to add egg shells to the top of the soil.  Since I dont eat eggs that is kind of tough!

 See the black circle on the bottom of pepper? 

 Two tomato plants (in the brown pots) and one of the pepper plants

 Can you see the peppers growing on this plant!!!!

My first tomato is growing, can you see it?

B's WOC Social & Graduation
It has almost been 2 months since B graduated from WOC school and I still have not posted pics of graduation or the social the night before. Here are some of the best pics.
This pic of B and me was before we left the WOC social, the night before graduation.  This outfit was a pain to pull together.  I probably spent 3 or 4 months looking for tops to go with the skirt.  I was still getting tops in the mail the week I moved trying to come up with a perfect outfit!  Having it be the first time I had worn a skirt in years did not make it any easier! 

This one cracks me up because I'm the only one behaving for the camera!  
It captures my dad's personality so well-love ya dad!  

My wonderful mom and dad who drove down to 'Bama with me...the entire 18+ hours!  They stayed for almost a week. I enjoyed having the support and company. I love you guys and cant wait to see you in a week.

me, B, and J. J & I pinned B during his graduation. Notice the BlackHawk in the back? B will be flying one of those in about a year!
This outfit was not as difficult to put together as the one I wore to the social and it was more comfortable!

B next to his class board
Class Color: Green
Class Mascot: Green Gators
Class Moto: No Substitute for Victory, Sir!

B, me, and my parents after graduation.

Other Randomness
I'm flying to KS next Friday to spend one week in the CO offices and one week in the KS offices. I am excited to go back to KS and see everyone, but not terribly excited about being away from home for two weeks.  Living in a hotel and out of suitcases for 16 days sounds exhausting! Although I was living out of a suitcase for longer then that when I moved here, so maybe it wont be so bad.  

I am in the process of brainstorming for my Etsy store I hope to have open before Christmas.  I am not ready to share what I will be selling, but you will definitely be hearing about it in the upcoming months. 
Since it is getting late and I have an early morning workout planned, I am going to call this post complete!  
Til' next time,

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  1. Plants look good. Hope someone out there can help with the blighted pepper plant problem. Dad is a master tomato canner - so maybe you need a lesson when you are in Kansas. We just need to find some decent tomatoes to use - anyone around Winfield, Wichita or Salina have a good place to get "real" tomatoes? Can't wait to see you!!


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