Sunday, July 24, 2011

That Old Ugly Shirt

A long time ago, while I was in high school,  my aunt, uncle, and cousins came for a visit.  The girls decided to make a trip to the thrift shop to look around. While we were there we became hysterical over a rather LARGE brassier. I have not idea what size it was, but had to be way beyond Triple D!  This led to my aunt deciding to purchase something for my mom as a joke.  She decided not to purchase the large brassier and instead purchased an ugly blouse that has to be from the 70's.  Once this gift was given to my mom the shirt started appearing at family occasions. You did not know you were the lucky person until everyone had gone home and would find it hidden somewhere in the house.  Several of us have even put it in suitcases while out family trips...not naming any names! Many years later this shirt is still showing up and the lovely women of my family keep passing it to others in sneaky ways.

Several years ago we thought the shirt had gone missing and someone had just hauled it off to the thrift shop.  We kept asking everyone if they had it and everyone denied being in possession of the lovely blouse.   One day my mom received a package from a niece that  lives in Atlanta.  It was close to my mom's birthday so she thought it was a birthday gift.  As mom unwrapped the package and opened the box she discovered it was the blouse--it was still making the rounds!

The shirt has gone many miles over the years--Georgia, Colorado, Kansas, and Alabama. That's right folks, it has made it to Alabama.  Someone must have hid it in our house in Salina without us knowing because as I was unpacking a box a few weeks ago I discovered it!

So are you all wanting to see what this ugly shirt looks like? You are in it is!

Watch out family.....this shirt might show up at your house in the future! 

Disclaimer: Apologies to anyone who has ever owned an ugly shirt like the above. If you have something like this in your closet it is time to purge.

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