Monday, August 01, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 8.1.11 {Freezer Edition}

This is the grilled chicken and veggies we grilled this past week. The recipe I linked to last week for kabobs was outstanding! The strawberries we also deliciou.

This week's menu was planned around wanting to freeze food so Brenden would have some options while I am away from home for 16 days!

  Lunch--on our own
  Dinner--BBQ at friends house. We were there till 1:30 am so this post might be interesting!

Dinner-- Summer Vegetable Chowder (I am omitting the hot dogs and adding meat mixture I had left from enchiladas last week)

Lunch--leftover soup & salad
Dinner--Homemade Chicken Nuggets and Potato Wedges.  The leftover nuggets will be frozen for B to enjoy in coming weeks. 

Lunch--Leftover soup & salad
Dinner--Calzones with homemade crust.  The leftover calzones will be frozen for B to enjoy in the coming weeks.

I will make the pizza crust on Tuesday evening.  Everything will pretty much be ready to put this recipe together quick because I fried the bacon and sausage, cut up the ham, and cheese will be shredded on Monday.

Lunch--Leftover soup & salad
Dinner--Teresa's Burritos.  I will freeze the leftovers for B to enjoy in the weeks ahead.  I fried the hamburger Sunday so that would be ready.  I will post this recipe next week.

Friday--leaving on a jet plane for Kansas!!!  B will be fending for himself the next two weeks. I will return with another Menu Plan Monday on August 22.

On Sunday I also made breakfast sandwiches for B and they are already in the freezer. Check out this post I did several years ago about how I make these. The recipe mentions I use American Cheese, but we have since removed that from our kitchen since there is no nutritional value!  Instead I used cheddar cheese.

I also had some bananas that were VERY ripe. I only eat green bananas, so when they get ripe I either make banana bread or mash them up and freeze to make bread at another time.

To do this you just need ripe bananas, a bowl, and a masher. I use the Pampered Chef Potato Masher.

Step 1: Have ripe bananas

 Step 2: Peel bananas and put them in bowl

 Step 3: Mash the bananas to a consistency you want for banana bread

Step 5: Smile while mashing the bananas for your wonderful photographer.  Thanks B!

Step 6:  Put in container for freezing
Mashing is done and now it is time to put in a container that is freezer safe.  You could use plastic containers, glass containers, or plastic bags. Just make sure that the lid on the container has a good seal. I failed to get a picture of my finished product before i put in the freezer and I'm too lazy to get one now.  I used a small glass container with a lid. I poured the banana into the container, put lid on it, and then stuck it in the freezer for 20 or 30 minutes. I then pulled it out and placed saran wrap directly on top of the banana, put lid back on container, and stuck it back in the freezer. The saran wrap on top helps seal it better and prevents freezer burn.

This post is linked up with I'm an Organizing Junkie Menu Plan Monday. Check it out for other great menu ideas.

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