Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Fun

This past weekend we headed out to a heritage festival for a day of fun!  B is not a fan of these types of things but he was a great hubby and went along with me.  Thanks babe, you were a great sport! It was a beautiful Saturday to enjoy being outside.  The festival was at Landmark Park in Dothan, AL and focused on life in Alabama a half century ago. 

We stopped in for a malt at the drug store/soda fountain

A in the doctors office. Some of those devices looked scary!

Old cash register in the drug store. My grandpa had an old cash register like this in his barber shop. How fun!
Wash tub over fire pit. Can you imagine having to wash clothes outside over a fire like this?  I should not complain about doing laundry!
After washing the clothes they would have a separate basin for rinsing. After rinsing they would pull the clothes through a device that helped get the water out before hanging it on the clothes line.
The things that look like plungers are actually what they used to help wash and rinse the clothes. While the clothes were in basins of water they used the plunger looking thing to swish the water around the clothes using the same action you would with a plunger.  Behind the line of plungers are all the different types of "washing machines" they could have built and used.
I hate to iron and actually refuse to buy any clothes that require using an iron.  If I lived back then I believe I would feel the same way!

If I could go back in time this would definitely be the era I would choose! Heck, I already make my own soap so I have that skill to help me! 

I think we are going to the drive-in and a corn maze this weekend.  Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?


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  2. i love old things... i could spend forever looking at that stuff!


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