Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Wanderings 7.22.12 & Winner!

Wow, this seems like the first time I have sat down since Friday morning.  I have been putting off a huge list of "things to do" so Friday I decided to conquer the list.  I feels like I have been working non-stop since then!  I was so busy I did not get a chance to announce the winner of the Tropical Traditions giveaway on Friday.  Thank you to everyone that entered and I look forward to getting to know all my new followers!  So..........

The winner of the Tropical Traditions Gold Label Organic Coconut Oil is Rachel D.  I have sent you an email!

Since that is complete (I get to mark it off my list!) lets continue with some great links I want to share.  Speaking of lists, I'm one of those crazy people that add something I have already completed to my "to do" list just to mark it off. Anyone else do that or am I the only crazy person? 

Natural Home Made Mosquito Spray::  I have been meaning to try this recipe but just have not needed any bug spray this year. Although we needed ant killer at the drive in movies a couple weeks ago!  I will definitely be trying this soon.  Do you make your own natural mosquito spray? 

How to Treat Bugs Naturally:: If you failed to use bug spray, learn how to treat bugs naturally!  Great article with good information.  Do you treat bug bites naturally?  I really need to print some of these tips out for B.  Bugs are always attracted to him, which I understand because he is pretty sweet.  

Tips for Treating Household Mold & Mildew Naturally:: Since moving to the south I have a constant battle with mold and mildew.  Since it is SOOOOO HUMID here I'm always fighting with it in our showers.  I never buy commercially made cleaners, so I have tried several of these tips.  They work great!  Do you deal with mold and mildew?  What tips do you have to treat it naturally? 

Five Things To Remember When Reading Reports on Scientific Studies::  Interesting article with tips of what to keep in mind when reading scientific studies.   

The 101 Most Useful Websites::  Some great sites to use, some that I will probably never use. But it is fun to look through the list!  Got to love the World Wide Web!  

Easy File and Photo Backup Organization::  Wow this makes me feel VERY UNORGANIZED.  I do not have a good system for my electronic files and photos. I guess I better add this to my "someday to-do list"!  Do you have a great backup organizational system?  If so I would love to hear about your system. 

9 Best Travel Apps:: I love apps so thought I would share with you this post on great ones for traveling.  What is your favorite traveling app?  I will actually be doing a post in the next couple weeks about my favorite apps, so I would love to hear what app is your favorite! 

6 Simple Tips to Help Your Overnight Guests Feel at Home::  I love playing hostess and having overnight guests (hint, hint lovely family and friends.....AL is wonderful and we will only be here another 6 months or so!)

Dr. Weil Changes His Deal::  Great article about some recent changes Dr. Weil has made.  Not sure why it took him so long to change his mind.  

Fresh Herbs:  Why They Should Be In Your Fridge ASAP::  I admit, I struggle using fresh herbs.  Mainly because I have always failed at growing them so I just use my dried herbs instead of buying them at the store because I can never use all of the fresh herbs before they go bad.   Do you grow fresh herbs? What herbs do you grow?  Do you use fresh herbs?  How do you use them?  

Kids, Veggies, and Grace: What to Do With a Picky Eater::  I don't have any kids, but I do have a hubby that is picky about his food.  He has VERY. STRONG opinions on what he will and will not eat.  I always tell him, "The only thing I would change about you (if I could!) would be for you to like fruits & veggies."  I have always struggled with dinner at our house because he only eats a few kinds of veggies & fruits and I love almost ALL produce.  Do you have a picky eater in your house?  How do you deal with meals?  

Hope you have a great weekend, well what is left of it.  I'm going to have another giveaway starting this week!  

Til' next time,

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