Saturday, September 08, 2012

I Wear Tight Pants {Fitness Friday 9.7.12}

I'm still alive, hope you were not worrying to much.  I've been busy with my volunteer job--planning a craft fair.  It has been really fun but it is a lot of work!  I hope you have not missed me to much.  I will again be posting regularly so check back often. Lets get on with the point of this post shall we?!?

Since returning to Alabama a few weeks ago I have started training for a 10K.  It is going good so far, except for this past Monday.  I fell on our run!  My running partner's husband and dog joined us for our run.  Her hubby was passing us with the dog and the dog decided it wanted to run me over instead of passing me.  I'm fine except for a scraped up knee and sore shoulder.  I was able to finish out the run with no problem, except blood running down my leg.  A little blood never hurt anyone, right?  I cant believe I'm posting this picture, it is a horrible one of me.  I think I need to retire the organe tank, a little to big on me!  
I have to admit, since returning from Kansas I have not been to a spin class or strong bodies class.  I will begin those next week, no excuses!  I haven't eaten the greatest since returning home either, but that will be changing on Monday.  I have not gained any weight, but I have not lost any either.  It is driving me crazy and I know it is because of the food I'm eating.  What we eat has so much impact on our weight, much more then exercise. But that is not an excuse to get out of exercising!   
What is your workout attire?  For me in the past it has been shorts/t-shirt in the summer and loose fit pants/long sleeve shirt in colder weather (and usually a couple layers during Kansas winters). Since starting my workout and eating transition a few months ago with Arbonne and losing weight and inches, I feel comfortable wearing tighter fit capri pants.  I have always been self conscious of wearing tight workout pants and always envied the women that wore them.  

Since I started going to spin class, a tighter capri pant was the best option to wear.  I dug out a pair of capri pants that I had never worn because I felt they were too tight on me.  I put them on and checked myself out in the mirror (admit it ladies, even if you are going out to sweat you still check yourself in the mirror!) and thought, “wow, I feel like I can wear these in public!”  So the next day I put them on and wore tight capri pants to spin!  I now own 5 pairs of tight pants. 
Every time I read my title for this post it makes me think of the Sir-Mix-A-Lot song I like Big B****.  Gasp,  I know! Oh and just to throw it out there, every time I think of that song I think of the Friends episode when Rachel and Ross sing that song to make their baby laugh.  I love that show so much I own all the seasons! 
Like the pink UnderArmor bag?  We were at Dick's Sporting Goods a couple months ago and I told B that I wanted to get a gym bag to carry my spin shoes, water, and snacks (I take spin and strong bodies back to back) to the gym.  He thought I had one and I told him I had been using one of our reusable grocery bags.  So I picked up a little more stylish gym bag then the black grocery bag I was using!  

Since we are on the subject of workout attire, do any of you wear the fun running skirts?  I told B once I get to my goal weight that I want to get one for a reward! I would love to run a race in a running skirt. 

I did a guest post over at my sister in law's blog yesterday.  Go check it out for a yummy Strawberry Shortcake recipe.

I will have my Weekend Wanderings post up tomorrow.

Til' next time,

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  1. Good pictures - except for the bloody knee! I'm surprised they have running skirts - are those kind-of like tennis skirts? - I've always thought tennis skirts were cute, but a little weird! I'll be waiting to see your running skirt when you hit your goal! I can recommend that your readers check out your guest post on Mindy's your strawberry shortcake is really, really good!


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