Friday, October 05, 2012

Grandma & Grandpa {Capture Your Grief Day 5}

Today's suggestion for the Capture Your Grief Project is "memorial".  Just like yesterday, I do not have any type of memorial. Instead of doing a photo of a memorial I'm sharing about my Grandpa & Grandma Kimble.

I have always told B that I wanted to have kids while my grandparents are still alive. Unfortunately,  my grandparents are both in heaven now.  My grandma passed away before my first miscarriage after a tough battle with cancer.  Once I had my first miscarriage it was a small comfort to me that our baby was in heaven with my grandma.

My grandpa passed away several month ago, so now our babies also have their great-grandpa.  I'm sure that grandma is teaching them to play piano and grandpa is making them snickerdoodle cookies and giving them haircuts!  I know heaven is nothing like earth, but it is a comfort to think that they are doing things in heaven like they would be if they were still will us.

I never met my paternal grandma, as she passed away before I was born.  My paternal grandpa passed away while I was in high school.  So it is so bittersweet that our babies have both sets of my grandparents in heaven, spoiling them I hope!

I know that this week's post have been anything but exciting, thank you for bearing with me!  I will be adding in some other light hearted posts going forward, including some really good recipes.

Til' Next Time,


  1. Sending a big hug your way.....Any thing or any time you call me....Love you both so very much. From your BMILE

  2. Oh I can just imagine Grandma and Grandpa loving those babies in heaven!! Oh how I miss them both! Amy

    1. I miss them both to, just wish we could see them again!

  3. hndrea,
    just texted you. this post made me cry most.
    love u and am praying for you.

  4. We'll see Grandpa and Grandma again - someday...heaven is beyond what I can imagine, but I know that your babies are blessed with knowing their great-grandparents!There has to be lots of rocking chairs and children's books there :) Thinking of you and loving you today!!


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