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A Christmassy House Part 1 {Christmas Ornament Show & Tell}

I'm linking up today with JoLynne from Musings of a Housewife first ever Ornament Show & Tell!

I love decorating for Christmas and always wish I had a bigger house with a fireplace & mantel this time of year!  I get most of my decorations after Christmas when they are discounted 50% or more. So when the next year rolls around I have new Christmas decor I forgot I purchased the year prior.

The last few years we have not had a big Christmas tree.  When we first got married we would get real Christmas trees and I loved going to find our perfect tree.  But this just got to be annoying with all the sap and dead needles all over as well as dealing with the tree after Christmas.  I also always worried I would leave ornaments on the tree and they would get trashed recycled. Do you ever worry about that?

The past 5 years we have just used a small table top size tree as our Christmas tree.  Little trees just are not very fun to decorate since they only hold 5-10 ornaments. So this year I found a lovely artificial tree for a great deal. I bought it and immediately set it up.  It was so fun to have a 7 foot tree to decorate!

I am one of those people that would love to have a "pretty" tree and a "random" tree with all the ornaments from our past.  Unfortunately we have only ever had one tree so I have just been decorating it with our "pretty" ornaments and not all the random ornaments   This year B asked why I don't hang all those other ornaments on the tree. He said my tree looks like it belongs in a store, which I will take as a compliment! But I  had to laugh and then I dug out all of our other ornaments and hung them on the tree.  Amazingly it looks really good with both my "pretty" ornaments and the other randomness.

Since I have almost all of our ornaments on the tree I wanted to share with you some of our special ornaments we have received throughout our 10 years of marriage (in January!).  My parents still have the ornaments from my childhood, but I hope to get those when we move back to KS.  I received a Schmid Hummel Ball Ornament all the years I lived at home.  I cant wait to be able to include these on my own tree.

When we got married I started collecting snowmen decorations for Christmas, which mainly include ornaments.  Most of them I have received from my parents as my yearly ornament.  Here are a few of them....
I love how this one is glittery and actually "snowman" looking! 

 I have to have at least one "Americana" snowman since I'm a military wife! 

 Ornament my parents got us for our 1st Christmas! 

 This one is so cute

These next few are ones we have collected since living at Fort Rucker. I think one of these years I will have enough "aviation" type ornaments to decorate a tree in B's office!  

Front & Back of 2011 Fort Rucker ornament

 2012 Fort Rucker Ornament

As I mentioned, our first few years of marriage we purchased "real" Christmas trees.  The next ornament is one I made from our very first tree! 

My brother and SIL sent us an ornament last year that I will always cherish. Last Christmas was especially tough since I had just had surgery for a tubal pregnancy the beginning of December. We did not exchange any gifts last year with anyone because I just wasn't up to dealing with it all. They sent us this ornament and I LOVE it!!! 

This is an ornament I purchased a few years ago. It opens up and I have put all my little "Dear Santa" notes I wrote as a child.  It is so fun to read them every year.  Oh to have the innocence of a child again! 

This is another ornament from my parents we received in the first few years of marriage.  I love the little marshmallow "snowmen"!

I have many more ornaments I would love to share with you, but I better stop at these.  I have lots of other fun Christmas decorations up around the house, so I will have A "Christmassy" House Part 2 in the next couple days.   

What is your favorite ornament?  Do you collect any kind of special ornament?  I love that my parents had the tradition of giving us a new ornament every Christmas.  I look forward to the day we have kids and can start that same tradition! 

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  1. I enjoyed looking at your ornaments. I collect snowmen but I don't usually put them out until after Christmas & then I leave them until the end of February. Well, usually, that is what i do, last year it was just too warm here in Texas so I put them away about Valentines Day!! Merry Christmas ;)

  2. Your tree is beautiful and I absolutely love your ornaments! :)


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