Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quirky Things About Us On This Love Day!

Happy Valentines Day!  I'm not a huge fan of Valentines Day.  I feel it is a holiday someone created {maybe the card company, flower shops, or chocolate companies} to encourage people to spend money. I'm sure that is not why this day was created, but sometimes it seems like the reason in our culture.  I also think everyone puts huge expectations on the day and then it is disappointing when those high expectations are not met.  So we prefer just to have it be a normal day, and if we surprise each other with something little it is fun.  

**Stepping off soap dishbox**

Funny story about that line.  I inherited my struggle of words from my mom. If you have known me for very long you have probably experienced my issue with losing the word I want to use or accidentally using the incorrect word.  This actually happened to me on Sunday night while having a conversation with B at the dinner table.  We literally were red faced and laughing through most of the meal from my horrible usage of words.  I might be brave enough to share that funny story someday.  Anyway, about my "soap-dish" word usage. I used to always think it was "soap-dish"  instead of "soap-box" when referring to it in the above format. Once I realized I was saying it totally wrong I decided I should continue to use the term "soap-dish" for fun.  WOW...that was not where I had planned this post to go.  Onto the real reason for today's words. 

We do not really actively celebrate V. Day because we feel that we should show & communicate our love for one another every day.   Since everyone else in blog world is sharing Valentines Day things, I thought I would share some fun and quirky things about our marriage in honor of V. Day.  

If you have been married for any amount of time you know that every marriage has funny quirks that makes a marriage unique.  Considering I have "Kimble" (my mom's side of the family) humor I add an even bigger dimension to the quirkiness in our house.   Lots of times B just rolls his eyes or shakes his head (all in love) at me because of my weirdness. 

Here are some quirky things that makes our marriage unique: 

1.  Neither of us are "touchy feely" (is that a real word?) and we are not fond of being affectionate in public.  But we sure know how to cuddle, but only before we fall asleep at night and on the weekends.  We have this routine and it is one of the things we miss most when we are separated from each other for deployments or other things. 

2.  I'm not a music person, but I like to break out in song if B says something that reminds me of a line in a song. The only problem is that I always forget how the song actually goes and usually totally mess it up!  I think B can't wait for those moments because then he can make fun of me (all in good fun) and help me out with the actual words of the song.  What makes this even better is that I am a horrible singer.  So when I'm trying to get B out of bed I just have to sing to him a random song (usually one I make up) and it does not take long for him to crawl out of bed, usually holding his ears.  

3.  We have a constant battle (fun, of course) when we say "I love you".  We like to add the word "more" to the end of it and then we try to win by telling the other why we love each other more.  So corny, but that is us! 

4.  B loves to hide in the house and jump out and scare me.  I should know better then to scream, as I usually know when he is hiding, but it never fails I always scream.  I think it is his excuse to get a hug from me, because he usually always hugs me after I get scared.  Love that guy!  

5.  I have a sassy side to me, so B loves to tell me not to "sass" him even when I'm not sassing him.  If you haven't figured it out yet, he definitely likes to tease me and give me a hard time, so this is another way he likes to mess with me.    

6. At bed time, B's feet are always cold so he has started this tradition of putting his very cold feet on my legs until they are warmed up.  Not something I wanted to help him out with, but he is to cute to say no to sometimes, even with cold feet!  

I'm sure there are lots of other quirky things about our relationship, but this is all I can think of right now.  Do you and your hubby or significant other have quirky things in your relationship?  I would love to hear them, so share in the comments!!!  

Have a fabulous Valentines Day and do not eat too much chocolate.  I'm making my famous chocolate chip cookies for B tonight since my original idea failed yesterday when I could not find the ingredients and baking pan I needed.  

What did you do for Valentines Day?  Do you normally receive flowers, chocolate, or something special from your special someone?  

The above pictures are some of the pics from our Christmas photo shoot with Briana Rose Photography.  They just moved to Washington State, so if you are in that area I HIGHLY recommend her. We had a great time at the photo shoot and wish she could be around for our next photo shoot. 

Til' next time,

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