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Raw Cookie Dough Balls Recipe {Gluten Free}

I love finding easy homemade snacks that I can have around for my morning/afternoon snack or if I get a sweet tooth in the evening.  One of my cousins has made the transition to eating 100% gluten free, so she always has great meal ideas for me.  I tried her raw cookie dough balls this summer and loved them.  I changed it up a little bit, so this is my version of her recipe.  

But before I share the recipe I want to chat a little about nuts and seeds.  Nuts and seeds are very healthy for you and they should be included in your diet.  They include healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber which we all need. All nuts offer a different variety of health benefits, so it is good to eat a variety of different nuts and seeds.  

Are you aware the most almonds in the US are pasteurized (even if they are labeled raw)? Here is an excerpt that explains it: 
"Most Almonds in North America are Pasteurized -- 

Even if They're Labeled Raw
Unfortunately, it is difficult to find raw almonds in the United States, because the U.S. Department of Agriculture implemented a mandatory pasteurization program for almonds in 2007. The Almond Board of California states they have conducted independent nutritional lab analyses that show pasteurization does not degrade the nutritional value of almonds, but this is also what is falsely claimed for pasteurized milk -- that the pasteurization process does not change its nutritional composition, or allergenicity. We know, however, that raw milk and pasteurized milk are two very different foods from a health standpoint, and it stands to reason that raw and pasteurized almonds are too.
The Almond Board of California again states that the pasteurization processes for almonds are slightly different from the one used for milk and juice in that they only treat the surface of the nut, but the Cornucopia Institute states the USDA mandate "requires sanitation of almonds with a toxic fumigant or treatment with high-temperature heat."viSo please be aware that if you purchase almonds in North America, they will have gone through one of the following pasteurization methods:

  • Oil roasting, dry roasting, or blanching
  • Steam processing
  • Propylene Oxide (PPO) treatment (PPO is a highly toxic flammable chemical compound, once used as a racing fuel before it was prohibited for safety reasons)
Pasteurized almonds sold in North America can still be labeled "raw" even though they've been subjected to one of the treatment processes listed above. There are generally no truly "raw" almonds sold in North America, so don't be misled. It is possible to purchase raw almonds in the U.S., but it has to be done very carefully from vendors selling small quantities that have a waiver from the pasteurization requirement. The key is to find a company with the waiver that is NOT pasteurizing them. I personally enjoy raw almonds nearly every day, as it is an outstanding food." Source
Better Than Roasted is a great place to buy raw and sprouted nuts, seeds, and nut butters if you do not already have a good source.  If you do have a source, I would love to know what it is!  Here is what Better Than Roasted has to say about their products: 

Now that we chatted about nuts and finding good, quality sources it's time for my recipe!!

Raw Cookie Dough Balls

2/3 cup organic, raw almonds
2/3 cup organic, raw walnuts or pecans
2 TBSP. organic flax seed
2/3 cup organic GF oats
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup honey or maple syrup*
2 teaspoons vanilla
3 TBSP. dark chocolate* 
1. Combine nuts, flax seed, and oats in food processor. Pulse until course.  

2. Add cinnamon, salt, vanilla and honey OR maple syrup. Pulse again until it forms a sticky ball.  

3. Then add chocolate and pulse again.  

4. Using a cookie scoop, form into small bite size balls. Place on parchment lined cookie sheet and put in freezer for 1 hour.  

5. Once frozen, put in storage container and store in fridge.

6. Enjoy when you need a little treat. 

Print Recipe Here
A few notes regarding Honey, Maple Syrup, and Chocolate: 
*When purchasing honey you want to make sure it is from a local source (which is great at helping with allergies) and raw.  I always purchase mine at the farmers market or at the local health food store (not the big chain stores, but little local ones). You do not want to buy honey at the grocery store that comes in those little honey bears and other containers, there is basically no nutritional value left after all the processing. 
*When selecting Maple Syrup, the darker the better. There are two grades of Maple Syrup--Grade A and Grade B. Grade B is the darkest of maple syrups, having the most intense flavor.  It is great for baking.  Here is a great post from Kitchen Stewardship all about Maple Syrup, I highly recommend you read it to learn more!  
*When purchasing dark chocolate it should be a good quality that only includes good ingredients. One option for a good, quality dark chocolate is Enjoy Life Boom CHOCO Boom Dark Chocolate Bar
I hope you head into your kitchen today and whip up some of these great little treats.  It took me about 10 minutes to make these. The hardest part was trying to wait till I let them freeze for an hour! 

What is your favorite healthy, homemade treat? 

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  1. This looks really good! I have never made anything gluten free and will have to give this a try!!

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  5. Ooooh serious yumness!! I love cookie dough...never understood why people started baking the stuff anyway ;-)
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  6. This sounds so perfect for a craving. I won't get organic options for all of the ingredients here though.

  7. These would make a wonderful snack mid morning or afternoon. Thanks for sharing on Hearth & Soul Hop. :)

  8. These look so good!! I, unfortunately, had to eliminate nuts - hubs is severely allergic...I do miss them so!!!
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