Monday, April 15, 2013

Dresses & More Dresses

Oh the joy of finding clothes for a specific occasion--I.HATE.IT.  When I shop for clothes with no special occasion or certain "need" in mind I can find more then I could ever purchase.  When I need an outfit for something specific, I always struggle finding something I like.

I'm currently searching for a nice dress for B's upcoming flight school graduation.  Before moving to Alabama I never wore dresses, but living in the heat + humidity during the summer I soon learned that dresses were AMAZING!  Although, I still do not like shopping for dresses and have found that shopping online is much easier then spending forever shopping local stores (not very many down here!)

I spent a couple hours browsing the internet to find a few options.  I thought I would share some of my finds and get your opinion on a good graduation dress.  But first, here are a few things to note:

  1. I am very fair skinned, so I need a dress with color. No light colored dresses for this girl!
  2. I want a lined dress, makes me fell a little more comfortable and relaxed wearing a dress that is lined.  You can say it, I'm weird.
  3. I want/need something modest, no hoochie mama dresses for me! 
  4. I also do not like long dresses, like the maxi dresses that are in style right now. Just don't look good on this short girl.  
So here are some that I found, now to just narrow them down to a couple.  Help me out by letting me know the top 2 or 3 you think would be a great flight school graduation dress.  

 Nopoli Dress By Boden
Pros: color, looks comfy
Cons: not lined, jersey material which sometimes does not flatter the back end

 Sumptuous Silk Dress by Boden
Pros: fully lined
Cons: silk so it would wrinkle easy (I think), might wash me out since it is a lighter color

Paternoster Dress by Boden
Pros: would make a great dress for interviews in a few months
Cons: not lined, not sure if color would work for graduation since B's uniform is 2 shades of blue

 Raspberry Debut Dress by ModCloth
Pros: This might be one of my favorites, fully lined, 
another great interview dress
Cons: 65% wool (might be to hot for AL right now!), 
might wrinkle (not sure?)

 Graphic Colorblock Print Frock by eShakti
Pros: lined, something different with some splashes of color
Cons: dry clean only

Selina Dress by Boden 
Pros: lined, several color options but I really like this orange
Cons: dry clean only

Antonio Melani Tyne Embroidered Dress by Dillards 
Pros: another one of my favorites, 
cool material for humid + hot weather
Cons: not lined

 Lauren Dress by eShakti
Pros: available in a couple colors, 
but like the black since it is slimming. 
Cons: black not the best for a graduation (not sure)?, not lined

Victoria Dress by eShakti
Pros: great style to hide not so attractive areas
Cons: not lined

This is one I really like but it is not in stock yet so
I don't have the details

Pizzazz on the Piazza Dress by ModCloth
Pros: love the colors and style
Cons: not lined, linen (hello wrinkles!)

Style & Company Dress by Macy's
Pros: love this one to, but not sure if it says "graduation",  
great price
Cons: not lined

C Luce Lemon Lime by Hazel & Olive
Pros: another great one for an interview, fully lined
Cons: top cream color might be too light for my skin tone

So what do you think?  If you were my fashion stylist which 2 would you chose for me to wear to B's graduation? I would love your input! I've pinned all the above dresses + more to a Pinterest board. Check it out to see a few other ones I did not share here.  

Where do you shop for dresses? If you find any dresses you like that might be a great grad dress send the link my way! 

Do you find it tough to shop for clothes when there is an event you need a specific outfit?  Come on, please don't tell me I'm the only one!  

Next challenge is finding a formal ball gown for the graduation social.  Luckily I'm going shopping with a friend this week for us to start the search.  

Thanks for your help!! I look forward to hearing what you vote for.  


  1. These are all soo pretty! I usually shop for dresses at Macy's. I have had the best luck there.

    1. I'll have to check Macy's out. I'm limited on shopping around here, but headed to the outlet mall in FL this next week in hopes of finding something. I've given up on ordering online for fear the size will be wrong.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for your input! I havent ordered any dresses yet and found one last week at Kohls but it is all black so not sure if that is what i want for graduation. Giving the outlets in Destin a try next week :) If I dont find anything else I'll make the black one work by adding a big colorful necklace or something!

  3. I like the Viktoria dress by EShakti. Not really knowing your taste...In my opinion, red works for almost any occasion. And so does feminine. And I've been reading good reviews of eShakti...though I've never even visited their site, much less purchased from them. As for the lining...what about buying a really good full slip to wear under? Lynaea @

    1. Love that you said red works for almost any occasion, because my dress for the formal ball is red and I love it. I found an all black dress for graduation, but going to look next week one more time to see if I can find something with more color! A slip is a great idea for an unlined dress, I just always worry that the slip will slide down and it will end up showing :)


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