Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Wanderings 4.21.13

This past week has been crazy busy! I can tell we are winding down our time here in AL and my "move to do list" keeps growing.  

Did you do anything fun this weekend?  I did not do much this weekend, as I went to the beach on Thursday and got a horrible sunburn on my back. For some reason I did not think to put sunscreen on my back, oops!!!  So I have struggled doing things the past few days because my back hurt so bad. 

The Squatty Potty::  This is on my list to get once we are settled into our new home.  I have had these on my wish list for awhile and really want one!!!  

Intro to Alkaline/Acid Balance & Acid/Alkaline-How to Stay In Balance:: I love her videos and this is great info.  The Arbonne 30 day challenge I did last summer had this focus, how to eat foods that help balance your Alkaline/Acid, as our SAD (Standard American Diets) are very high in acid.  Don't stress about this, just eat a healthy whole foods diet and you will get it balanced in my opinion! Although, I think it would be fun to order some test stripes to see where I'm at for a week or two.  Have you tested your Alkaline/Acid balance?

Pampering Ideas that are Eco-Friendly:: Love these ideas.  Stress is high right now for me since I'm doing all things moving prep and more! How do you pamper yourself? Is it eco-friendly? I love getting pedicures, but it isn't very 

How to Get a Flat Stomach:: Thought these were great tips since summer is right around the corner! And did you notice what they funny I just shared about getting one. 

Mercury Amalgam Fillings: What Dr. Oz Did NOT Tell You:: A must read if you have had or will have dental work done!

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