Sunday, April 07, 2013

Weekend Wanderings 4.7.13

I'm barely getting this posted before the weekend is nearing the end, but I have several things I wanted to share this week.  Better late then never, right?  

Dating My Husband: Celebrating Our Book::  This is one of the cookbooks on my cookbook wish list. My list keeps growing and never seems to get shorter. I love her photography and I really LOVE the recipe in this post.  Dad, I'm making this next year for our birthdays if not before! 

Think Fat Free Milk Is Healthy? 6 Secrets You Dont Know About Skim Milk:: I shared this link in my post on Friday, but wanted to share it again because I really feel people are mislead into thinking fat free and skim milk is better for us! 

Keep Spiders Out of Your Home-Peppermint:: I will be making a spray bottle this week to start spraying around outside and inside of our house.   

I hope you have heard about the new Monsanto Protection Act that was recently passed, as it has big impacts on our food. Here are several good articles I HIGHLY encourage you to read to get up to speed on GMOs and Monsanto!

GMOs and the Monsanto Protection Act::  Great post about what GMOs, what the Monsanto Protection Act includes, and how we can avoid GMOs. If you read any of the ones I have listed, this is the one to read! 

Prop 37 Opponents Spending Millions To Oppose GMO Label Law::  This is back from 2012 when Prop 37 was being up for vote, but this is still relevant.  It also provides a list of companies that supported Prop 37 (to have GMOs labeled in CA) and those that did not support Prop 37 (to NOT label GMOs). 

Non GMO Shopping Guide:: App for phone to help you out in the grocery store to determine if the food your buying might have GMOs. 

That is all for me tonight.  I'm off to finish reading my book club book for this week--Wild. I highly recommend it, one of the best books I have read in awhile. Warning: It does have some language and stuff, but it is all part of her journey. 

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  1. Andrea, Dad says he thinks you need to practice on that ice cream cake a few times before your next year birthdays - and he would like to be present in the test kitchen :). Love the post!


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