Sunday, May 05, 2013

International Bereaved Mother's Day {May 5}

Source-Carly Marie Project Heal
Today, Sunday May 5, is International Bereaved Mother's Day.  This day was created to share with people the true meaning of Mother's Day.  The woman who founded the traditional Mother's Day (May 12) did so in honor of her mother who experienced the death of 7 of her children. 

Check out Carly Marie's post for more information about International Bereaved Mother's Day and why it was founded.

Source-Carly Marie Project Heal

I wanted to share some articles from Still Standing Magazine related to Mother's Day. This is a great community for families who have experienced pregnancy loss, child loss, or infertility.  Please check them out and share with others. 

This Mother's Day 

10 Gift Ideas for a Bereaved Mom on Mother's Day

Healing Mother's Day

What I Need

Next Sunday, May 11th, on Mother's Day there is a Live Google Hangout happening with some of the most fantastic woman in the bereaved mothers community.  This community is amazing and I know with all the work these woman put into their projects this taboo subject of pregnancy + infant loss will one day be something that is talked about more openly.  Watch the below video for details on the Google Hangout happening next Sunday. If you know someone who is a bereaved mother please share this information with them. 

To all my fellow bereaved mothers out there, I'm thinking of you today AND next Sunday as we go through a rather difficult holiday.  


  1. Thanks for sharing Andrea - I truly believe each time you share about your losses and others' losses, it helps you to grieve. I'm crying with you! LOVE YOU!


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