Sunday, September 29, 2013

Life Lately 9.29.13

I am back after a long blogging vacation. I guess I basically took the summer off!  We are finally settled into our place in Salina and it is starting to feel like home.

Our things arrived, after being in storage for over 2 months!  I was ready to get my things unpacked. A BIG thank you to my parents who were there to help us that weekend! 
This is our living room, filled with lots of boxes.  
The house has great living space but not great storage space so that is our only complaint.  Oh yeah, and the little yippee dog next door that barks right outside our bedroom window.  Not sure what the little thing barks at, as I have looked out our bedroom window several times while he is barking and he is literally staring at our house barking his brains out.  Maybe the siding on our house is scary??? Would it be to over the top to take the neighbors cookies and bury a note inside that says "Please enjoy these cookies and keep your little yippee dog quiet!"?!

Welcome home lunch with the woman in the family...and little Truman. 
Since we have been back in KS we have really enjoyed being closer to my family.  We have had numerous get togethers, and have enjoyed spoiling our niece & nephews.

Sorry for the blurry picture, but I LOVE this picture of B reading to our niece & nephew
B with our newest nephew, he certainly loves this little guy! 
My family threw us a surprise welcome home party when we first got back. We enjoyed wonderful homemade burrito bowls and ice cream cake. All the cousins were there, which doesn't happen very often, and it was wonderful to see everyone.  B had not been back to KS at all during our 2 years at Rucker, so he had a lot of catching up to do! Thank you everyone for showing us your love and excitement for us being back in KS. We are so blessed to call all of you family.

Love this little grill my uncle has. It is great to grill meat and veggies for fajitas and veggie bowls. I want to make one of these! 
My cousin got creative and made us this great welcome home banner! 
B has started his final year at KSU and I am getting settled into my new job at an insurance company.  It is funny how God works things out, because I said from the time I left my prior job (with an insurance agency) that I would never work in insurance again.  Wouldn't you know that the I applied, interviewed, and accepted an insurance job!  It is much better then I dreamed it would be going back to the insurance field, I'm blessed to have a wonderful job to help support us while B finishes his degree. 

This past Monday we went back to 100% gluten, dairy, and sugar free (except for the little amount of honey in my coffee).  I am needing to get back in shape and lose some weight, so Monday began the tough detox phase of getting past the cravings for all things bad. It actually was not as bad as I expected, I did have some cravings but for the most part fought through them. We did splurge and eat out 1 time this week and I had a bun that was not gluten free.  If you have any great dinner ideas that does not include gluten or dairy please let me know. Unfortunately, we do not like fish so we are stuck with pork, beef, poultry. 
Our view on the path I walk on.  
I have been walking in the evenings and will begin the Jillian workouts this next week.  I am hoping by Christmas to be down to my goal weight & size.  

We have some big news to announce this week, so stay tuned so you do not miss out!


  1. So good to see you back!! Love reading what you are up to!!

  2. So good to see you back!! Love reading what you are up to!!


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