Thursday, January 01, 2015

2015 Bucket List

I have to say that I'm glad 2014 is now behind me.  This last year was the toughest year I have ever experienced and I can only look forward to 2015 knowing it has to better! Of course, even with the most positive attitude, waking up on New Years Day 2015 does not make all my troubles go away.  But going into the year with as much joy + happiness that I can muster up will make for better days.  

I have a lot of things to overcome in the next year--bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, hurt feelings, and so much more. All of these things will be so tough to do and I know I will not be able to do it on my own.  I will take it a day at a time and with The Lord's help my heart + head will slowly work through these negative feelings.   

I know the Lord has a wonderful plan for my life. Even knowing He has a plan, there are still days that are just tough to understand. Those are the days my trust is being built! 

One of the groups I follow on Facebook posted this verse this morning and I found it so fitting for where I am at right now. 

I have many things I want to do and see this next year, even if my life is still throwing curve balls. I'm looking forward to my journey in 2015, even through the pain! 

So, now lets talk about some of the good things I want to do this year....

I'm not a person that does "new years resolutions" since that is just setting me up for failure. Since I'm a list maker, I make a bucket list each year.  If I don't get everything marked off by the end of the year, no big deal. If it is not a priority for me it gets left behind. If I still want it on my list it moves to the next year.  Here are a few things on my 2015 Bucket List.....

Send Birthday cards to friends + family 
I have always loved getting birthday cards in the mail.  I have not been so great at sending Birthday cards to people.  I have always wanted to send them to people, but just never got around to getting organized enough to get them sent.  I now have a great planner for 2015 and it will include sending all my favorite people cards!  

Send encouraging notes to friends + family (1/week)
This was actually laid on my heart a few days ago to start doing. I want to be there for people this year. The past year I have pretty much been on survival mode and have not been able to focus on other people as much as my little heart desires. So a small step I can do to reach out to friends + family is to send encouragement notes! 

Make my health a priority  
This year I tossed out healthy eating with everything going on in life. 2015 I'm getting my health back through avoiding processed foods, sugars, gluten, and dairy. Starting Monday January 5th I'm doing at least 45 days of the Arbonne Eat Clean Challenge.  Anyone want to join me?

Start my health coach certification  
I have wanted to do this for several years but just never made it a priority. This is the year it will be a priority! 

Downsize--household items & the house 
We need to find a smaller place (and cheaper rent)!  Along with that we need to clean out each room of the items we haven't used in a few years so moving to a smaller place is possible! I mentioned in my 2014 Gift Guide {Book Edition} that one of the books on my list is The Big Tiny {affiliate link}. I would love to live a more minimalist lifestyle, but right now I have too much stuff weighing me down, so time to clean house! 

I have lots of other things on my list that I'll be sharing in the coming months!  The thing I love about the bucket list is that I can always add to it as the year progresses.  

Do you do New Years Resolutions?  What are some of your resolutions?  

If not, what do you do to get motivated for the new year?  I would love to hear about them! 


  1. I don't do resolutions. I just DO. I make goals and check them off along the way...I look at it like you can resolve to do something ANY time, so why just New Year's? Know what I mean? Good luck with your healing. Wishing you the best for 2015 and beyond!

  2. We are also working on sending birthday cards to friends/family members this year for the first time. I love how you want to send out encouraging notes once a week - I may try to do that too!! :)

  3. I too am working on sending out birthday cards - I think I am going to buy them all this month, address and stamp them, and then just pop them in the mail at the right time haha.

  4. Those all seem really attainable! Heh, I made a goal to send out birthday cards a few years back and I totally failed at it. I even went as far as buying the cards in bulk so I'd have them ready...and then I never sent them. I should put that back on my list! I hope you succeed at that; it's so much fun to get snail mail!


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