Monday, January 05, 2015

Weekly Menu Plan & No Coffee {Day 1}

Today was my 1st day getting back to healthy eating. The past year healthy eating has not been a priority, but this year it will be a top priority!  For the next 30-45 days I'm doing the Arbonne healthy eating challenge to get down to my goal weight.  I am avoiding all gluten, sugar, dairy, coffee, and processed foods. 

The toughest one for me will be NO COFFEE!!!  

This morning was freezing and all I wanted was a cup of coffee.  Im not a fan of hot tea but I was cold enough at work that I tried some this morning, I couldn't even finish the cup.  So this afternoon I tried making hot tea with my loose leaf tea I use for iced tea and it was a little better!  Who knows, maybe by day 30 I'll be a hot tea drinker.  I do have to say that drinking out of a cute coffee mug makes everything better. This mug is from a great friend I met in Alabama. 

Some of you may be wondering what I will be eating since I'm avoiding all the things listed above.  Most of the time our meals at home do not include gluten, dairy, or processed items so really there is not much change to make in those areas. If we are eating at home, which is 99% of the time, our meals our homemade (not from a box or can). So for the next few months I will be doing a weekly post of our menus.  I ALWAYS plan menus so it keeps us on track and we have a plan for meals. If we do not have a planned menu we tend to eat out a lot more.  

Here is what we are having this week.....

Sunday: Chili with my homemade chili seasoning

Monday: 15 Bean Cajun Crockpot Soup (I took this recipe and made it my own by adding bay leaves, dried thyme, salt, pepper, and I used a 21 dried bean mix)

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork (no break), Pickles/Olives, Salad

Thursday: Jambalaya, Salad

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Taco Soup, Salad

What are you eating this week? What is your most challenging thing about eating healthy?  


  1. I love planning out my meals. It's a great way to save a bunch of time as well.

  2. We grilled a bunch of chicken at the beginning of the week.

    M - chicken and roasted veggies
    T - chicken and cranberry sauce
    W - chicken on a salad with homemade balsamic vinagrette
    Th - chicken with four pepper pasta

    (See a pattern? ;) )


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