Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Shop Til' You Drop {Fundraiser}

My dear friend Mandy is going on a mission trip to India next month and is working hard to raise the necessary funds.  She is a fellow military wife,  mommy to 4 great kids, and an amazing woman of God!  I have decided to reach out to my readers + friends so we can help her out with fundraising.  Here is a little excerpt from her support letter to give you an idea about what she will be doing while she is in India.  
I will be traveling with an organization called 5 Rivers International. I met Dan Taylor, the leader of 5 Rivers International, almost 15 years ago in Chicago when he was a missionary to the toughest projects in Chicago at the time. Dan has a heart for missions and I cannot wait to reunite with him in ministry in India. In Late August, we will be going to the northern state of Himachal Predesh. We will be traveling to seven cities conducting pastor conferences. The pastors from the area will come together for a time of worship, preaching and prayer. In the evenings, we will do house visits and pray and minister.
 We will also be traveling to an Anglican Church in Shimla where God has been using the pastors to bring revival to the denomination. This church is a historical land mark in a very prominent place of the city. We will have a 3 day regional conference there. This has never happened before and the pastors are very excited to bring the Body of Christ together in unity for the purpose of revival. There is less than 1% Christian in this state. 

Sounds amazing doesn't it???  I SOOOO wish I had enough vacation time to join her on this trip. Maybe next time Mandy! 

Since I can not join her I want to help her out financially.  I will be donating 25% of my Etsy sales between now and August 30th towards her trip. 

This is a sampling of items I have for sale, check out my Etsy store for everything I have in stock. 

Order directly on Etsy or send me an email (link on the right hand side bar).  If you are local use coupon code "local" for free shipping & local delivery.  

Let's help her get to India! Hurry over to my Etsy store and start shopping.  

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