Thursday, June 12, 2008

We are out of the basement!

Brenden and I had a restless night. Following up on the previous post, we lost electricity during out 2nd time in the basement. Luckily Brenden was prepared and had his flight suit on from work and had a flash light on him(he actually got home 10 minutes before the sirens went off the first time). He was supposed to fly last night but the weather obviously prohibited that so they sent him home early. As of now, Thursday at 7pm we still do not have power. I am enjoying the library's AC and internet access! Brenden is working tonight, so what is a girl to do with no electricity at home! What did people do before computers?

Work today was crazy today(these are the times you do not want to work in the insurance world!). With Salina and all the surrounding communities getting hit by storm, we stayed very busy at work with calls from our insureds!

Is everyone ready for the weekend? What are your plans?

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