Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In the basement with spiders

Tonight Brenden and I were able to enjoy a delightful time together with no t.v., radio, or computers! We were under a tornado warning so we went down to our scary unfinished 1/2 basement with lots of dead spiders laying around (and I am sure lots of very alive spiders running around)! We were down there for about 1 hour which is plenty of time for me to bond with our basement! So, does anyone have any fun storm stories to share? As I am typing this the sirens are going off back to the basement!

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  1. well i was in a house in manhattan and the tornado hit directly east and west of where i was, but not us! the campus is very tore up along with many houses to the west of it...however, the worst damage was east of sethchild and amherst where my friends house is no longer there. her and her roomate were in it at the time and she said within a couple of seconds it was all gone and nothing left, thankfully she's ok, but has a lot of work and unknowns about the future. thats my story! haha

    O and if you havent heard, they are warning us all to have a plan again for tonight! ahhhh!!


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