Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What would the world be like if it was always like this.....

I recently switched to using Origins skin care and makeup products. I have been focusing on using products in all areas of my life that do not contain harsh and dangerous chemicals as well as trying to buying organic foods (that is a HUGE challenge in small town Salina, KS).

Anyway, back to the subject I began to write about! We do not have an Origins store here in Salina. I was in Wichita this weekend so I stopped in to pick up a few things. On Sunday when I went to use my moisturizer I had purchased, the pump did not work--so no moisturizer! I called the store in Wichita and explained the situation. Ashley, the salesperson I spoke with, immediately said that she will ship a new moisturizer to me on Monday morning and that I could just drop off the broken one the next time I was in Wichita. I was shocked at the level of customer service I just received over the phone! It is sad to say that many companies out there would not have gone this extra step to make me feel appreciated and as if I was the best customer they had.

So on Tuesday I got home from work and guess what was in my mailbox??? My moisturizer! I was shocked at how fast I received it. Inside the package was a very sweet note letting me know she appreciated me and that if I ever have any questions to call.

So today I come home and I have a card in the mail, can you guess from who?? The girl that had assisted me on Saturday sent me this note saying she loved meeting me and getting to know me on Saturday!

Isn't it great to receive great customer service! It is sad that it does not happen more often! So, do you have any great customer service stories?


  1. Yeah, well, I knew this really nice lady that ran a motel in Chanute, KS. She was really nice and had great customer service - however, I'm not sure she ever sent such nice products and notes to her customers as your Origins lady did. But she was nice. She was related to you. TEE HEE. Sorry Andrea - I had to!

  2. Yes mom, you did and still do have great customer service skills! The lovely guests of that hotel in Canute might not have ever gotten a note from you, but they felt the love, unless they were the people caught skinny dipping in the pool!

  3. well your post has inspired me to write a thank you note to a guy at this bank i applied at today! he was sooo nice and polite! he said he already employed everyone for summer but would keep my resume on hand for 6 months in case something opened up......and then he goes on and even referred me to another job posting from another company!!! now thats honesty and good customer service! thanks for the post andrea! i'll be sending his thank you card in the mail tomorrow!


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