Sunday, August 17, 2008

Girl Time

Well I am finally back to the blogging world. I finally feel caught up with other things in my life so I have time to blog and do some other things I enjoy! Today I made cookies and worked on some scrap booking projects! It has been a great day!

While Brenden was in California I traveled to Wichita several days for a college roommate reunion! It was a much needed break and a wonderful time with great friends. We enjoyed some quality time together talking, laughing, shopping, and of course eating! This was our first get together with a child, which I must say was lots of fun! It is amazing how entertaining a baby can be (and no, there are no babies in our near future--I know you were thinking it!). Below are some pictures from the weekend. Girls, I miss you all and wish we all could get together more often!

Gina, Addison, & Andrea


Gina, Michelle, Andrea, Diana


  1. yay for girl time!! thanks for all the updates! i love reading ur blog:)


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