Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Discoveries

Yes, you read correctly...Sunday Discoveries is back! It will be a short one, as I am working on something big right now which you will be finding out about within the next several days.

Do I have any brownie lovers out there? How about anyone that loves the edge pieces of brownies? Check out this cool pan to get edges on every brownie in the pan! Check out this website for more details!

Several "Sunday Discoveries" back I posted the iRobot Well I saved my money and got one! I absolutely love it. I am trying to come up with a name for it, but have not come up with one I like. So, post your ideas of a name for my new little lady vacuum and if I pick yours you will receive a great little surprise in the mail (or hand delivered depending on where you live)!

I have been thinking of hosting a Cookie Swap the beginning of December. But, I have never had one of these or even been to one of these. Has anyone ever been to one or hosted one themselves? I would love to hear how it went and what took place. How many do you invite? Do you decorate cookies there or does everyone make them ahead of time? So many questions! I would love your input.

Well that is going to be all for tonight, as I need to get back to my other project! I cant wait to hear your input on things!


  1. you could call your vaccuum aroomba, pax, or dizo...i know i'm not very creative, but it's all i coule come up with!

    as for a cooking party thing..i've never been to one but sounds like great fun!:)

    btw, i'm working on a couple of books for you to get on "tape" but i'll have to get back with you!

    thanks for updating your blog!! glad to hear you're alive and doing well!!!:D

  2. The cookie swap sounds fun. . .and yummy! Wish I lived close by, I'd definitely go!!

    How about English butler-type names for the robot, like: Jeeves, Giles, Smitty, Jenkins

  3. Cookie Exchange--yes, I've been to one and they're fun! Let's see, I think I had to bring several dozen cookies of my choice. A bunch of ladies from the church also brought cookies. We set them out on long tables, then took out our Rubbermaid and went down the line choosing (2?) of each kind of cookie, I think...can't remember. We filled the time by sharing our favorite Christmas memory and just sharing with one another. There was also hot apple cider, party favors, and wonderful music! If travel/baby/schedule/money aren't an issue, you better believe I'll be at yours!

  4. I saw on Mindy & Shawn's site that you made the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. I'm glad you liked them!! I'm excited to try the pumpkin muffin recipe on Mindy's site next. :)


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