Friday, October 17, 2008

Please Vote!

Hey, I don't want to get political on our blog, but we are facing a huge election in November that could drastically change the state of our country! Watch the following humorous but true video and then GO VOTE! (Footnote: disregard the few off the wall things, it still makes a good point!)

P.S. Do your homework before you head to vote, and I recommend not from the nightly news! (Ok, I am done and stepping down off my soap box)

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  1. Good for you to put this on your site! Yes, everyone vote!!

    A good, unbiased website to check the facts for BOTH candidates is We've been using it for the past several months. It has info on what the candidates say about eachother, as well as what they claim about themselves. It also checked the facts of what the candidates said in each of the debates.


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