Sunday, February 15, 2009

Is it February already???

I can not believe it has been 2 months since I posted! The time has flown by so fast I am still trying to catch my breath!!! So, this post is a recap of what has been going on in our lives since December.

Lets start with Christmas, as I am finally downloading pics from my camera today! We had two Christmas celebrations this year. One with the extended family on my mom's side and then a Harris Christmas (complete with Shawn, Kent, and me all there at once!!!) This has not happened in years!

Kimble christmas was wonderful! We celebrated the weekend before Christmas, since Jim and Jan would be in Colorado on Christmas. The most memorable time we had was Grandma presenting all the kids and grand-kids with heirlooms. When we were all little Grandma used to sew some of our clothes (jams, dresses, etc). She told the story of one trip the grand-kids took with her to the fabric store. She used to carry the spools of fabric under her arms when took us shopping for fabric. This particular trip we were all sent off to pick the fabric we wanted our jams made out of--all by ourselves. She remembers us wobbling down the isle with the spools of fabric under our arms(I am sure the spools were bigger than we were!) Grandma then continued on that she used to sew a lot when her and Grandpa first were married, as that is how she filled her time when he was away. Grandma presented all of us with a special piece she had sewn at one point or another in her life. She picked these pieces specially for each of us, and had the story written out for each piece she presented us.

This is the piece that I received.

All the kids, grand-kids, and Grandma with our heirlooms!


The Harris Christmas was loads of fun. I took a few extra days off work, so I was able to be "home" for almost 5 days!!! I always love going back home, it is always relaxing! Wilder had his first Harris Family Christmas, it was so fun shopping for him!!! It was wonderful getting to spend several days with Shawn, Mindy, and Wilder. Brenden even held Wilder!!!

Kent and my newphews were able to join us for a few days which was great to see them! They brought their X-box and Wii, which Brenden loved! He had fun playing some new games we don't own with my newphews.

Here are some pics from the week:

I was also able to see Diana and Michelle over my Christmas break. We all met at Panaera Bread for breakfast. It was wonderful to see them and catch up.

Andrea, Michelle, Diana

Michelle and Andrea modeling the scarfs Diana made us. Diana, I love it...I wear it all the time.

January 16th was our 6 year wedding anniversary! It is hard to believe it has already been six years. I received roses at work on our anniversary, it was a wonderful surprise! We were both really busy that week, so we went out to eat in our jeans and sweatshirts!! No dressing up for us after 6 years (actually there is not really a restaurant in Salina that requires dressing up...bummer!) Here are a few pictures.

Brenden goofing around for a always! (one of the many reasons I love him)

The best one we got for the evening!

Ok, well that is a wrap up of December and January!!!! More posts to follow soon, I have a whole list of things to blog about.


  1. Congrats on 6 years!! I love you and Brenden's pictues together. They make me laugh a lot!:) miss you lots!! Glad you're doing great!!:)

  2. Our pictures together never turn out great, I wish we were both more photogenic!!!

  3. I love this post. Even though I just saw you, I still miss you!

  4. Andrea, this is why we must setup a photoshoot sometime! Maybe when it gets warmer?? You both are portfolio worthy, trust me!!! :)

  5. Definitely a photo shoot!Lets plan for sometime this spring. We could come to Manhattan and get some shots and some of the great spots!


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