Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Fresh Start for A New Year

I am still amazed it is already 2009! 2008 flew by for me and there were so many things I wanted to get done, but it just didn't happen. As the new year was starting I began to evaluate how I spend my time. My time is precious and seems to be sucked away too quickly! I have some big goals for myself this year and in order to meet these goals, I need to be better at my time management. So, one of my new years resolutions is to become a better time manager. I am extremely organized, but my lack of time has began to affect my organization. One of the goals I have for myself is to earn a trip to Disney World through The Pampered Chef. Neither Brenden or myself have ever been to Disney World, and I would love to be able to go and not spend a dime!!! So, to earn this I definitly need to set my priorities and have better time management. My first major thing I have done to improve my time management was cancel our Netflix account so it does not suck me in at night(I got very good at sitting on the couch all evening and doing nothing). We do not have cable television either, so I have no distractions with the television now! This has already helped me get more done during the week! I will keep you posted on how things are going!!! Any suggestions or ideas are welcome!

My other new years resolution is to loose weight and get in the best shape I have ever been in! I got really bored going to the YMCA last year, so I decided to make my workouts a little more fun. Instead of getting up early and going to the Y, I am getting up early and doing Hip-Hop Dance workouts at home! I have always loved to dance, and this is very much fun. I am loosing weight and dance all at the same time. I also have kicked my soda habit for about the 100th time in my life, I hope it sticks this time. I am on my 5th day with no soda!
What do you do to keep your workouts fun? I challenge you to stop being bored with working out and find something you love to do and get in shape while you are doing it!!


  1. I hope you get your trip! You deserve it!

  2. Well I would love to help you win that trip! I'll host a party for you sometime! possibly this summer?

    As for working out, your dance stuff sounds like fun!:) I've been trying to lose weight as well, and I've been going to Curves. And I absolutely love it! It's only women, and they're all ages, and it's a great positive fun environment! I actually love going and it keeps me coming back for more!:)

    Good luck with your resolutions!

  3. I hope I get the trip to, it will be alot of hard work!

    Sarah, I would love to do have a show with you. Let's get that planned!!!


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