Saturday, May 02, 2009

My Absence from Blogging is Over!

After a much needed break from blogging I am back! I have been working on other things the last few months that needed to take priority over sitting in front of my computer blogging, but I am glad to be back. I have a BIG list of things I have been jotting down that I hope to post over the next several weeks. But first, here are a few things that have been going on in my life!

I turned 30 in March which I thought would be harder then it actually was. It definitly wasn't one of those birthdays I woke up excited for a day filled with spoiling, but I did leave my house and face the world! My co-workers were actually extremely nice to me, I was expecting some great practical jokes to happen throughout the day. The worst that happened is this:

Brenden and I went to Wichita for the weekend to celebrate my birthday and see my family. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

I received a very fun apron from Shawn and Mindy for my birthday, but for some reason did not get a picture of me modeling it. Maybe I will sport it the next time I bake and post a picture of it!

All in all, my birthday ended up being great. I don't feel any different being 30, but I am much more aware that I am not getting any younger. I have definitly become more focused on what is important in my life and trying to take time for myself every once in a great while!

On to other things....

We have been able to see Wilder several times in the past few months, which has been wonderful. Here are some pictures, enjoy his cuteness!

I am excited to begin marking things off my "To Blog" list. Keep checking back for updates!


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