Sunday, July 19, 2009


Ok, well my post on the updates from the last 2 months will have to wait for another day as I am still trying to get a few things done before another wonderful work week begins!

I am getting ready to leave for Colorado later this week. I am not an avid reader, as I definitly do not have time to squeeze that into my schedule. I know. I know. I am in control of my schedule and can add reading to my list if I really want to, but I tend to stay busy with other things like cleaning the house, laundry, making dinner, working, volunteering, keeping my Pampered Chef business up and running, spending a few seconds every week with Brenden (usually as we are passing each other at the door saying "hello" and "goodbye" all in one sentence!) See, I am an extreme perfectionist and can not stand going one week without getting my house sparkling, laundry all done, etc! SO. FRUSTRATING. Any suggestions on how to work past this lovely trait I have, please send them my way! Ok, I will stop rambling about nonsense and get back to why I started this post.

On my upcoming trip to Colorado I would love to get book to read that is fiction. Another annoying characteristic I have, I feel I need to read non-fiction books when I actually do have time to read in order to educate myself about something! Ummm, maybe I should go back to school.......WOW, I am off track again!
Anyway, I would love your recommendation on a great book to read while I am away. Please???


  1. Andrea,

    I've been trying to do some reading as well! I'm terrible about it, but it's great for your mind :)

    Here's a couple I suggest (even though they may not fit into what you're exactly wanting):
    Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers
    5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

    I also have a couple of friends who read books by Janet Evanovich. I've heard their funny! I'm actually starting one this week :)

    Hope that helps! Let us know what you decide to read! :)

  2. Hey, Andrea, check out my blog to see some more reading suggestions. I also just read this great book called the Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen. I am a huge historical fiction fan, so you feel like you are reading something non-fiction, but you still get a taste of the drama from fiction.


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