Saturday, August 08, 2009

I'vd Hit a Wall

I have hit a wall this summer with what to fix for dinner. Brenden is usually not home for dinner, so it is just me most of the time! I have looked online for some healthy & quick recipes and just cant find any that look appealing. I lean towards cooking with no meat, but I am willing to eat chicken 1 or 2 times a week if I need to. But there are only so many ways I can prepare vegetables for dinner!

So, I am curious what my readers have been cooking for dinner this summer. I would love to hear what your favorite recipes are and why. I will try them and they may even appear on my blog (with credit to you of course)!


  1. I've recently acquired a new recipe that's perfect for what you're looking for!! :)

    1 can drained black beans
    1 can drained rotell
    chopped onions
    1-2 cups rice- whatever kind you like
    1 can drained corn or frozen corn

    mix it all together and put it in a wheat tortilla (my favorite) and eat it cold or warm it up. add cheese if you want to! it makes quite a bit and makes great left overs! :)

    Here's a recipe for a salsa like dip that's really good and zero points on weight watchers :)

    1 can drained rotel
    1-2 chopped cucumbers
    1 package of ranch powder (the stuff you use to make ranch dip when you mix with sour cream)
    **don't use sour cream

    so just mix those 3 ingredients together and let stand for 15 minutes and it makes a salsa like dip and tastes great! :)

    hope that gives you a couple ideas!

    love that your back to bloggin more too :)


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