Saturday, November 07, 2009

3 months is too long.......

I'm back after a 3 month break! Alot has happened the past three months and alot is going to be happening in the next several months. So, what has been happening the last three months you may be wondering? Well even if you were not wondering I will tell you....

Brenden has started his last year of college and is definitely ready to be done! We are so excited to see what is in store for us within the next few years. With the state of the aviation industry it is not the greatest time to be graduating as a pilot. Due to hour requirements, he can not just jump into an airline job or even a job with a private company (more then likely). It will require Brenden to gain hours as a flight instructor for several years getting paid next to nothing...we cant wait! So, since getting paid pennies is not very appealing Brenden has decided to pursue flight school through the military. The program will be for Black Hawk helicopters, which is what Brenden has worked and flown on since joining the Army. We hope he can finish the application and interview process and start within the next 6 months.

We have been taking the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class. This class has completely changed our way of thinking about finances. We have stared a budget and are in the process of paying off our debt we have accumulated since Brenden has been in school. Because of our budget and our desire to get out of debt ASAP, we are moving into a different house the weekend of Thanksgiving! It has more space then our current house and will save us alot of money each month. We are both really excited to move, as it is in a much better neighborhood then our current house. Speaking of neighborhood, SOME PUNK JUST WALKED BY AND THREW HIS CIGARETTE IN OUR YARD! Some people, didn't his mom teach him any better! That one was for you mom=) Ok, sorry I got distracted, where was I at??? Oh, so no more worrying about my safety while Brenden is gone, since he is gone most evenings!

If you have not read any of Dave Ramsey's books or taken the Financial Peace University class, I encourage you to. Check out his website here. It will change your perspective on every aspect of money!

Another year of Relay for Life planning has already started! I got back from training in Dallas a few weeks ago, and we are excited to start another year of Relay. Saline County Relay For Life won the Per Capita award again this year. We raised $3.42 per person in Saline County! I look forward to the day we no longer have to Relay for cancer, but until cancer is gone I am honored to be a part of a wonderful community that relays! If you have never been to a Relay for Life, I encourage you to go to your local Relay. It is an amazing 12 hours to honor and remember those that have won the fight or are fighting against cancer and those that lost their battle to this terrible disease. Check out the Relay for Life website here to see if your community Relays. If it doesn't, maybe you should start one!!

Well I think I have rambled on long enough. Sorry there are no pics in this post, but our camera died so we have no pictures from the past few months. Maybe Santa does exist and we will get a nice digital camera for Christmas!


  1. Enjoyed the update! We'll be praying God continues to guide you and Brenden. I'm sure He has good plans for you guys regardless of the current airline economy.

  2. We have done the whole FPU thing this past year. Great but I find his sayings annoying now.


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