Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 1 of the NO SUGAR Challenge

I knew the first week or so of this challenge would be the toughest, but I never dreamed the first day would bring such temptation!  Things went great today until my order of Girl Scout Cookies arrived at my desk this afternoon! Seriously, of all days they could be delivered it had to be today? So, I tucked the boxes of sweetness under my desk in hopes that I would forget them. As the afternoon went on and my email in-box grew bigger I could not resist the temptation any longer. Finally I gave in and opened one of the boxes and ATE.FOUR.COOKIES. To resolve this issue I brought the cookies home and made Brenden hide all of them! Besides the cookies, everything else I consumed today was on the "good" list!

To begin this journey I thought it would be good to find some things to help stop the sugar cravings I will be having, and you will be having if you join me!  So go on over to The Nourished Life to read 6 tips on cutting sugar cravings. 

What did you do today to stop your sugar cravings, besides eating sugar?!  Even if you did not join the challenge today, you are welcome to join at anytime and I would love to know that you are participating! 


  1. I'll join, but my gravings are not sugar - I'm a junk food chips have sugar in them?? Or how about salsa con queso? I suppose most of the junk food things I like have sugar in them too. I use Splenda in my cereal - does that have to go? What about fruit....did you say fruit is OK? That is what I usually eat if I have a sugar craving - I also eat carrots when looking for sweets. Ok, well, I'm off to see what's in the kitchen that would be good for me and NOT have high fructose corn syrup in it?

  2. Let the games begin!
    It never fails that our biggest downfall lands on our desk when we have made up our minds to make a change.
    My office hadn't had my favorite chips in forever and as soon as we made the decision to change our food habits, they showed up in the kitchen. Ugh! Temptation!!
    No worries on the 4 cookies, it's normal to make a few little slips especially in the start. It's the long term change that matters and the little choices along the way. You can do it!
    This is an interesting challenge. I don't know that we will 100% do no sugar, but we are going to try the stevia stuff...I assume that they will have it at Whole Foods- we're checking Wed during our shopping trip. I am using our residual other sugar for a sugar scrub in the bathroom! We don't do any of the high fructose stuff but I use the sugar in the raw for my coffee (1 cup/day). And we use honey, which is really good for my allergies :)
    Good luck!


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