Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where were you?

Where were you when you heard what had happened September 11, 2001?  I will always remember that day and the days that followed, as most Americans will.  I was in college at the time.  My roommate and I heard the news when our alarm went off. I sat straight up in bed.  I thought I was dreaming. We both jumped out of our loft beds and went into the living room.  Our other housemates were already awake with the television on.  It was no dream, it really happened.

None of us wanted to leave and go to class.  The feelings I had that day are hard to explain, it was like we were all walking in slow motion.  I left for class a little later that morning, but I don't really know why.  My first class, of all things, was modern dance.  None of us wanted to be there, and none of us wanted to dance.  I made it through that class and ended up skipping the rest of my classes for the day.

Brenden was currently deployed to Kuwait for a 6 month tour.  He finally was able to get through and call me later that evening.  He indicated that the Kuwait military base was on lock down, as the military bases in America were.  I remember him  being really worried about me and everyone else he loved back home.

Life in America changed that day.  Flags began to be hung, Americans joined together in an amazing way, we began thanking the men and women that protect us--fireman, police officers, and the military.  Life for Brenden and me also changed that day.  From that day forward we began 3 years of long separations while Brenden was overseas.  Somehow in the middle of all the mess we found time to get married.

Today, as we remember how our world changed 9 years ago, remember the sacrifices so many people made that day.  Thank a fireman, police officer, and military personnel for their service to our country.

Where were you when you heard the news?

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