Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I need your help

I am working on redesigning my blog and would love your input.  I will definitely be changing the look of the blog.  I am sure ALL my followers the 3 people that actually look at my blog are thinking, "why is the world would you want to redesign your blog when you never post?"  I actually have cut back on several of my commitments/activities outside of work and I have a little more time to focus on a few of the things I enjoy doing. So with that I plan to post more often! 

This is the main thing I would like your help on.  What types of things would you like to see on my blog. In the past I have  posted about cooking, eating healthy, being "green", and of course general things about my day to day life.  Would you like to see more of one of these topics?

Or maybe other topics?
  • scrap-booking
  • picture or video tutorials on cooking/baking
  • exercise topics
  • book reviews
  • organizational tips and ideas
  • recipes/menu planning
  • product reviews (could include any products you currently sell that you would like me to try out and review on the site)
  • other ideas?
Feel free to email me or leave me a comment with your thoughts, suggestions, opinions.   I look forward to hearing from all of you (even if it is only 3!)


  1. i will just choose from what you have listed, as far as what interests me:

    baking/cooking stuff
    book reviews

    have fun!


I'm so glad you stopped by to leave a comment. Getting comments is like getting hugs from my readers, I love it!