Wednesday, September 08, 2010

We had visitors for the weekend

to help celebrate B's 30th birthday. We did not do anything formal for his birthday--relaxed, swam, took naps, read magazines, and played video games. My parents were able to come visit for one day while we had the joy of hosting my brother, sister in law, and nephew and niece for a couple of days.  Brenden has bonded very well with Wilder and Story, so much so he even introduced Story to the game of golf this weekend by reading her a golf magazine. She seemed to enjoy it!

Brenden and Wilder also have become great little buddies.  Wilder woke B up both mornings they were here.  Wilder was very excited to be here until we took him out to go swimming. He was not sure about the pool and after seeing his parents and me get in a make a commotion about how cold it was, it definitely did not help him want to join us!  Story sat in the yard observing the crazy adults swimming in REALLY cold water and saying a little prayer for her older brother! 

As you can tell from this picture, it is not difficult to get attached to this little guy

This picture was taken at Wilder's 2nd birthday party a few weeks ago, he was having a wonderful time! 

Brenden's gift from Mindy and Shawn was stick-on mustaches.  Brenden is always saying that he can now officially grow a mustache since he is a pilot.  I guess pilots usually have mustaches'?  Who knows...but B seemed to enjoy them.  

Hope all of you enjoyed your extended weekend as much as we did. What did you do? 


  1. awwww...Hndrea, thanks for putting us on your blog. I like reading about us from someone else's perspective. good job on the pictures, too.

  2. Andrea - thanks for having us at your cool place! We had fun even though it was a really short visit. You are always a great hostess - your gift of hospitality! Enjoyed looking at my adorable grandbabies - and of course my adorable mustached son "in law" on this post!

  3. Mindy, no problem about having you on our blog. It's my treat!

    Gma Kathy, we loved having you. I do love to host, I need to do it more often!


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