Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Top 10 Countdown-Reasons I love to Run

If you would have asked me 9 weeks ago why I like to run I would have looked at you like you were crazy and I would have thought "people who like to run are crazy!" But today I can officially say I.LIKE.TO.RUN. I admit, I dont look forward to running ALL the time, but on those days when I have finished and feel GREAT I still can say I like to run.

October 2nd I finished my second 5K run!  Just 9 short weeks ago a friend and I started the Couch to 5K Workout. The first week of the program you walk more then you run--60 seconds of running, 90 seconds of walking, alternating these for a total of 20 minutes. I thought I was going to die, but I didn't and I kept going. I was feeling great and loving it, most days!  We have now successfully finished the program and get up several days a week to run before work.

After my 2nd 5K
After running two 5K's I feel I can do a Top 10 Countdown-REASONS I LOVE TO RUN:
**Disclaimer--these were tough to get in an order of importance(my perfectionism shining through), so after multiple attempts of figuring out which ranks higher I am leaving it at this. 

10.  I get to buy fun running attire--shoes, pants, shorts, shirts. What girl doesn't like that?
  9.  After completing the Couch to 5K and successfully completing two 5K's, I feel like I could conquer  
       anything. Next on my list to conquer is the BAK (Bike Across Kansas). I just have to save for a road 
  8. The runners high you get when finishing a race is worth dealing with side aches, sore muscles, and
  7.  I help charities through running 5K's  6.  I've become great friends with the girl I run with. Thanks J for encouraging me and keeping me on track!
  5.  I have learned I love a big challenge and look forward to the next challenge I give myself.
  4.  I have lost 10 lbs since I started running!  Running is a great weight loss plan!
  3.  I am getting in shape and healthy--it feels great!
  2.  I am forming healthy habits that someday will be passed onto our children.
  1.  B is proud of me for finishing the Couch to 5K program and already completing two 5K's.

J and I are already signed up for another 5K the week of Halloween. If you are interested in joining us let me know! Race details are here.

To end, I have an inspirational story for you.  The last 5K Jill and I ran we were trying to beat our time.  As we rounded the corner for the final stretch of the race a little old lady came running around us. We both looked at each other and were both thinking "there is no way this lady is going to beat us through the finish line". We had about 1/2 mile to go, so we just followed this lady the rest of the way.  I am amazed that this lady, she had to have been in her 70's, could be running in a 5K and running faster then us!  Now I will admit that I am not a fast runner yet, but to be outrun by an older women is not fun! She was my inspiration to keep going and to know that I COULD DO IT!  Towards the end we sped up so we could get around her for the finish line.She came in right behind us.  So if you are thinking you are too old, out of shape, or whatever other excuse you have please know that ANYONE can do this.  Start slow and work up to your goal.   Now it's time for you to go and exercise!


  1. So, do you think that I could run a 5K? I don't like to run, and of course I'm really out of shape....but if that little ol' lady could do it, maybe I could too. Do I look like I'm 70??? Also, the BAK sounds great. Maybe you could get Shawn to try it again after all of these years - probably 10+ years since he went on his BAK. Very interesting post with your reasons - all good ones - especially #1 :)

  2. I really need to enter a 5K. Isn't running fun once you really start to enjoy it??

  3. Gma Kathy--I think you could do a 5K, just work up to it! You have a treadmill, so you could just start on the treadmill for the winter. NO you dont look 70!

    Musings of a Housewife--yes, running is fun once I built up to running a good distance! 5K's are so fun, I am definitely a 5K junkie now!


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